Works In Progress…

Normally artists really don’t like sharing their unfinished work, but it seems the robots that run this place don’t give a damn what I think, so it seems I will be posting work in progress artwork in this blog. Robot JIM tells me that I’ll have to make some videos, too. Damn it Jim, I’m a podcaster not a blogger!

So, that said, we’ll be posting some really neat “How It’s made” videos and we might even record some paintings being worked on from start to finish. Don’t worry, we’ll speed up the video so you don’t have to literally watch paint dry. I’ll also be posting some images (reluctantly) of unfinished work in progress. In my opinion they all look like crap until they are finished, but what Robot Boss 2000 wants, he gets. Below are a few I’m personally working on this weekend. See you all soon with some pictures of the actual Robot Gift Shop (which is currently under construction!

-Paul Alves

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