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May The Force Be With You!

We received these wonderful pics from @darthslolee on our Instagram! Brian received three of our sketches as a gift. It’s always nice to see our art bring smiles to people’s faces. Thanks for the pictures, Brian! May the force be with you! As a reward for sending us the pics, we’ll be sending Brian a […]

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Mini Fridge Magnet Paintings

Mini paintings for your fridge door? Why not?! These start out as mini canvases which we attach rubber magnets to. Each one is unique and hand sketched, then we paint and varnish them so they will last forever. Some will be sold as singles, others will be sold as complete sets. Here’s just a few […]

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Works In Progress…

Normally artists really don’t like sharing their unfinished work, but it seems the robots that run this place don’t give a damn what I think, so it seems I will be posting work in progress artwork in this blog. Robot JIM tells me that I’ll have to make some videos, too. Damn it Jim, I’m […]

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Customer Pictures

Send us a picture of you enjoying your new item and we’ll post it here and in future listings for that product! Not only will you become internet famous, we’ll also send you a thank you coupon for sharing your love of your new one of a kind item!

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